Tuesday, March 31, 2015

http://youtu.be/BZqTRSVA1YA ~~Watch it for Easter! He Lives!!!

Welcome to the Ghost town of America! Hahah! This week was spring break here and everyone blitzed outta town. Parker turned into a literal ghost town! That made our week a bit slow...but it was still a great week nonetheless. We had some beautiful weather all week all except Wednesday. Antarctica came back on Wednesday. But we were back to beautiful sunny Colorado on Thursday! 

We had dinner with S, our investigator twice this week. Did I ever tell you she has 6 dogs!?! That's an adventure. She's so funny. She loves having us over and feeding us and learning and reading the book of Mormon...but she will not come to church! We're trying to get to the bottom of this mystery. With much prayer and study, I'm positive we will find the solution to her concerns.

Our ward took a shot at a new finding idea this weekend. We have a family history center in our building, so we decided to have a family history open house for the community! We spend a good portion of the week posting flyers and delivering them to the names that the ward members gave us of their friends. Our ward mission leader printed 400 flyers and we painted the town with them! But unfortunately.... ghost-town parker didn't show up. We had one non-member come so it was all worth it for that one! It was still a victory for that one lady to be introduced to family history and to feel the special spirit here. And in fact, she stayed for almost 3 hours! She was loving it. We'll see if anything further comes from her great day at the family history center. But that's how missionary life goes. You try new things and see how they work! 

I hope you've all seen the #BECAUSEHELIVES video! It's marvelous. Go and share it with all your friends on social media!! This is the best time of year to turn our thoughts to Christ and share that light with our friends. 

http://youtu.be/BZqTRSVA1YA ~~Watch it! He Lives!!!
Have a good week! Happy Easter! And a happy general conference! 


Sister Hoer

Making ice cream sandwiches at our ward mission leaders home after General Conference Women's meeting.

P-day~Just having some fun! Zone leader, me and my companion.

Hiking with our zone in Castlewood Canyon, Colorado

Doing yoga with the rocks! Ha ha~just a few yoggies!

Soaking up the Colorado sun! Feels like spring time!

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