Thursday, March 26, 2015

The best part of my mission has been the people I've met.

I think the best part of my mission has been the people I've met. I can't even tell you how much the people here in Colorado mean to me. They have come into my heart and I just love them so much! And to make it all better, the members here are outstanding. I can't believe how much they spoil us missionaries! And they sure are cute when it comes to missionary work. My companion and I got a couple calls this week from ward members who were just sooo excited to tell us about the missionary experience they just had! We were so happy to hear that they are doing missionary work and we were honored that they would call and tell us too! It's so cute. 

We were at dinner on Tuesday night...St. Patty's day! And this adorable old couple just had me rollin'. They were hilarious! They made us corned beef and cabbage, a great Irish meal! I asked if they had Irish blood and the little old man says, "might as well. We’re from Scotland" then he starts talking in this Irish accent and telling me all this "blarney"! HA and the best part was for dessert, they made us some cake. I had a bite on my fork about to put it in my mouth when he goes "WAIT! We didn't scare the calories outta your cake yet! That's gonna make you fat!" so he takes my plate of cake, stands up, and holds it high above his head. He then explains to me how calories are afraid of heights so if you just hold your food up in the air, they get scared and jump off! Then he starts making little screaming noises and tells me to count how many calories I saw falling from my cake. HAHAHA oh geez. The people you meet. It was hilarious. And my cake had 1/3 less calories after that! LOLOL.

We saw our investigator, A, last night! And she came to church yesterday too! I think she really liked it. Heavenly Father is so perfect. She married into an LDS family, so her mother-in-law was giving us some pointers on what she is curious about. She told us A is really intrigued by eternal marriage and being with our families forever. Lo and behold, our Sunday school lesson was all about eternal marriage. She made some awesome comments and was very touched by the spirit in the lesson. We answered a lot of her questions last night at our lesson. She definitely wants an eternal marriage! It's great. 
Things are going great up here in Parker.

It's deer country up here! There are probably just as many deer as people. But I found out that deer will attack and can hoof you to death. So I'll keep my distance. But they are my spirit animal afterall, so I think we'd get along great. HAHA!

I hope you are all having a wonderful time! Go tell the missionaries about your missionary experiences...they love it! 


Sister Hoer

We did splits with the Castle Rock sisters. Sis. Perrin's was in the MTC with me!

Driving to the temple.

Denver temple. I looooove the temple!

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