Thursday, January 29, 2015

My new area is Fountain, Colorado!

Fountain, Colorado! I've come to my new area and I'm loving it so far. We are about 10 minutes from Fort Carson so we have a lot of young military families in the ward. But that is actually a party and a half. Some of these families are literally just a few years older than me! It's like having friends again, haha! Fountain is definitely suburbia though. Sometimes I miss those rural roads of Canon, but I KNOW the Lord has put me here for a reason. I do not doubt that one bit. The spirit has told me time and time again that this is where I need to be...I couldn't tell you exactly why just yet. But I'm confident that the Lord has a plan.

So the work here is different, but it's hoppin. We are actually teaching 2 deaf people right now! It's interesting...I've actually picked up a bit of sign language. But we have interpreters come to all our lessons. It's amazing how humble these people are. Communicating is definitely different but even with the sign language the spirit is so strong. So M&A are our deaf investigators. They were living together but recently separated so now we can really move forward with baptism! We had a lesson with M a few days ago and he committed to be baptized the beginning of February! So if all goes as planned he will be baptized in just a few weeks. A also wants to be baptized but she wants to go through the lessons once more and speak with bishop before she sets a date. I wish you all could meet them because they are spectacular people. I can feel their sweet spirits and their love every time we see them.

There is also a lot of work with part member families here! That's the majority of our investigators. I'm still getting acquainted with the area and the people we're teaching, but I'm excited. Good things are happening! 

And the cherry on top is that my companion is SO COOL. She just finished training so she's still pretty new to the mission but I think we were long lost best friends. It's only been a week and we get along as if we've been friends forever! Once again, the Lord does have a plan and our mission president is so inspired. She's a hard worker so I know we will see some great things happen this transfer!

Change can be hard, but it's also the time for us to grow. I have felt so much strength through prayer and through the atonement as I go through this change… and that strength is available to any single one of us. The atonement is real.

I love you all!

Sister Hoer

Last Pictures with Sis. Elama

New companion and New area

The all American city of Fountain, Colorado!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yeehaw! I have turned into a cowgirl down here in Canon City.

Yeehaw! I have turned into a cowgirl down here in Canon. This week we went to visit a man in the ward and he took us out and taught us how to rope. It was so much fun! I could definitely rope some cattle now. Ha ha ha, if we ever have to catch and kill our food...I'm your gal! 

This week was nothing out of the ordinary. Just teaching, testifying, and helping others come closer to Christ. I did find out that I would be getting transferred tomorrow! Transfers are always exciting but a bit sad at the same time. I've really grown to love these people here...they've become like family to me! And to leave them is definitely sad. But they are my eternal friends. We will all have a party in heaven! And the cool thing is that Heavenly Father knows what He's doing. He knows where I need to be and who I need to be with. My dear companion, Sis Elama...we've had so many good times together. I don't wanna leave her! But I truly feel blessed to have served with her and have learned so much from her. 

Transfers always get me thinking about how awesome it is to serve a mission. It truly is a privilege. In Relief Society yesterday, the teacher asked us what we've sacrificed to come on a mission. At the beginning of my mission, I would have rattled off a long list. But when she asked me yesterday, I thought about it and how it isn't much of a sacrifice in my eyes anymore. It is a privilege...a blessing.... the opportunity of a lifetime. The things I've learned, the experiences I've had, and the person I've become far outweigh any "sacrifice" that I might have made to come here. Everyone. Go on a mission. Hahaha but really. It is the best decision I've ever made. The church is true and we get to go share that good news with everyone we can!

I love you all and hope you've had a wonderful week.


Sister Hoer

We are leaning how to rope.

This is the cowboy that taught us how to rope.

One of my investigators. 

A family we spent time with.

Sis. Elama and I. 

SAMOA! It started to snow right after we took this pictures!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Members make the BIGGEST difference in missionary work.

Members make the BIGGEST difference in missionary work. We were blessed with another baptism this weekend and I can't even say I had anything to do with it. The members did all the work in finding and teaching, we really just guided the lessons and helped set up the baptism. Back in the beginning of December, the B family brought a friend to the ward Christmas party. They introduced her to us and we had a nice chat. Of course we invited her to learn more and take the missionary lessons! The B family is so awesome and set it all up for us. We teamed up with the elders and whipped out all the lessons in a very short period of time. The investigator, R, was very receptive. She was truly one of Heavenly Father's "elect" as everything we taught she said was the answers to the questions she has been searching for. It goes to show that Heavenly Father really does prepare people. She was absolutely prepared and ready to accept the fulness of the gospel. It all happened so fast that I still can't believe it really happened...but on Saturday, R was baptized and it was a powerful service. Her nonmember family all came to support her! Her father has had bad experiences with church members in the past, so we were excited that he gave permission for her to be baptized. He definitely felt the spirit at his daughter's baptism because afterwards, he asked the elders when they could come over and answer some of his questions. Miracles. The work is hastening.

I share this story with you because I want all you MEMBERS out there to know that we absolutely cannot do it without you! We sure can try, but the best results are when the members are involved. Our ward mission leader always reminds the ward that the missionaries are really here to help the members with their full time missionary work. Think of Alma and Amulek. Amulek was like the member assisting the missionaries and helping them teach. In Alma 10:12 we see the power of a member's testimony...."the people began to be astonished" as Amulek shared his testimony and helped teach those who wanted to learn. Missionaries can teach about tithing until they're blue in the face. But really, who is gonna trust me, a 20 year old girl, who has never had a solid job and a family to support. But when we have a member come along...who is a father that can relate to our investigators and testify of the ways tithing has blessed his family...THAT is powerful. The Lord works through us as members to find our friends and help them experience the same joy that we have found through the gospel. The church is true. I've seen miracles and seen the Lord's hand as He brings His children into the fold. He loves every single one of us on this earth and it is His JOY that we all might find the gospel and experience eternal life with Him. So go out and bring a friend to church! Miracles will happen. 

Happy New Year to you all! Peace and Blessings. 


Sister Hoer

A slice of coolness in Canon City.

For NEVER seeing snow before, my comp. sure does love it!

Sis. Elama made this for me while we were waiting for one of our appt. She LOVES the snow!

There it is... 1 degree!

The weather outside is freightful.... So thankful I have warm clothes!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

This might have been the best Christmas of my life!

It was a White Christmas for us here in Canon City! We got some beautiful snow the night of Christmas. But, the most beautiful white this Christmas was the pure white of a baptismal jumpsuit. A few days after Christmas, our investigator was baptized. It was such a special meeting for all of us! We've been working with her for the past 4 months or so and she has grown so strong in her testimony. We've been through a lot with her, so to see her enter the waters of baptism this Christmas season was the most wonderful gift ever. The spirit was so strong as we listened to the talks and then watched her make those sacred covenants with our Father in Heaven. 

Before the baptism, we were talking with her and she was SO nervous. So nervous to the point that I started getting afraid she would say "I can't do this!" But, we talked with her and reminded her of the decision she made and how it will bless her life. She is a strong woman. No one from her family came to support her at the baptism. Her parents really weren't thrilled with her decision, but she knew it was right. We have an awesome ward, so there were many of her new ward family there to support her. The baptism was performed and we met her in the bathroom to help her back into her clothes. She was SO excited when we met her back in the bathroom! We were chatting and I asked her how she felt. Her first answer was "COLD!" (it was a cold day in Colorado). But, she said in all seriousness that she felt so extremely happy. She had never felt so much happiness or so much excitement before in her life. It was so great! Hahah, she's the cutest ever...she said "It was like a movie!" I loved seeing the happiness she felt after making those covenants with God. I could tell that she felt so much love from heaven and that she was now confident in her future. It was also neat for Sis. Elama and I. We felt Heavenly Father smiling down as she entered the waters of baptism.

The next day, she was confirmed. Our bishop confirmed her and gave her a powerful blessing. Once again, we felt Heavenly Father's love for her. It's indescribable! These are the moments that make everything worth it. There is no other place I'd rather be. Not even at home snowboarding with my family this Christmas season. Nothing could beat the happiness and love I felt this Christmas season as I shared the holiday with people who are my new family members here in Colorado and seeing a daughter of God enter into the fold. 

This might have been the best Christmas of my life! I hope you all felt the spirit of Christ this Christmas! 

Love you all and a Happy New Year!!! 


Sister Hoer

Everyone was soooo generous to us! Chocolate Overload!

Mom's best Christmas gift this year! Love, Mom

Merry Christmas!

Best Day of my Life!

My birthday party, hoorah I am 20!

I just picked up the bag pipes!