Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jokes on you! I actually got my mission call to Antarctica. It's been FREEZING here.

Jokes on you! I actually got my mission call to Antarctica. It's been FREEZING here. I feel like I live in a snow globe. But the snow sure is pretty. I just don't really like these below 0 and small numbers on the thermometer. 

In other news, I got transferred back up to Parker! #ROUND2 I guess I have more to learn up here in Parker. It's so weird to be back, but kind of nice at the same time. I am already familiar with this area and I've met a lot of these members before! So I don't feel so new here cuz I've been here and done this before, haha! I am in a different ward. I'm in the Pinery ward now. And this ward is on top! It's awesome. These members are absolutely fantastic. They are soooo helpful and willing to pitch in and do their part. That’s gonna be the best way for us to work through the members! Up here in Parker, you gotta work smart. So we've been brainstorming a lot of ideas of how we can really get the members to follow through with their commitments and how we can really find those who are prepared. I've been fasting and praying so hard that we can have a good area and find success, and the Lord is already blessing us! We found a new investigator last night. I'm pretty stoked about her. She's married to a less active man but she approached us and wants to take the lessons! That was super exciting. I have lots of hope and many good feelings about this area. I truly trust the Lord and know He will help us in HIS work. After all, this is HIS work and HIS glory. I am just privileged enough to be His servant.

And that's what I've learned the most this week...that if we rely on our Heavenly Father for anything and everything, He will help us. Transfers are always crazy and I always feel a little "out of my groove". But without a doubt, Heavenly Father gives me strength beyond my own to adjust and keep the work moving forward. I'm so grateful for that. Without my friends and family to call up, I can just get on my knees and pray. It's the best cure. I love you all and hope you're staying warm....cuz I'm not! LOL

Sister Hoer

Last district meeting in Fountain, CO

Our district leader made us root beer floats!

Last p-day in Fountain~we went sledding and it was a blast!

I was able to see Sis. Elama again!

Got my mission call to Antarctica! LOL We just shoveled a mile long driveway. My new comp. Sis. Fuchs.

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