Saturday, June 27, 2015

I saw God this week! Haha I saw God because "God is Love" (1 John 4:7-9)

I saw God this week! Haha I saw God because "God is Love" (1 John 4:7-9) It was amazing this week to interact with so many people and just see how much Heavenly Father loves every single one of us!! Even when they don't want to accept our message, I still feel such a great love for them from our Heavenly Father.

We were really busy this week with meetings and exchanges, but those are the times that I really learn the most! The spirit teaches me as I get to experience working hard with other missionaries. I was able to go back to 2 of my old areas this week!! Gosh, that was maybe the best thing ever. I LOVED seeing my old friends and people that I've grown so close to. Back in Canterbury made me feel like I was back home. And then I got to go back to Mesa Ridge for a baptism! I taught a woman back in Mesa Ridge and she was just a gem. She struggled grasping the concept of the Priesthood and why she needed to be baptized again. As we taught her, I could see the beginning of her understanding. But of course, I got transferred...and come to find out those awesome members who she was already friends with helped her gain a testimony of the Priesthood. And, yesterday she was baptized. That was a special baptism. Sister S, who was baptized, is the mother of the Bishop there in Mesa Ridge. Everyone was rooting for her and she had a great support system in the ward. The spirit was so strong at the baptism as her son, the bishop, baptized her. We were talking to Bishop afterwords and he exclaimed "This is the best Father's Day EVER!!" So cute.

Once again, it's amazing how you can feel the LOVE from Heavenly Father as one of His children make these sacred covenants. It was almost tangible. And to picture that He was smiling down so happy that Sister S made the decision to be baptized. I love it. This is what it's all about. All those hard days. the long days, the days that feel like they are never going to end. The days that I feel like I was a failure... they seem to disappear when we see the joy the gospel brings to someone else. And it was amazing to see the change in Sister S..the light that has grown in her face! The gospel is real. The gospel changes lives! And we get to see it everyday. 

I know that this is Christ's church here on Earth. If it wasn't then people wouldn't abandon their comfortable lives and habits to join the church. If this gospel wasn't true, there wouldn't be 18 year old elders and 19 year old sisters doing the most important work on the face of the Earth. It's amazing when you take a step back and think about it. It MUST be true. Joseph Smith wouldn't have sacrificed and eventually died for it if it weren't true. The pioneers wouldn't have travelled across the country if it weren't true! So many things support the fact that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. And I'm eternally grateful for the miracles it has wrought in my life.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Remember to smile, there's so much to smile about!!!

Love you all, 

Sister Hoer

Baptism of Sis. S. such a wonderful day!

Thanks Mom for my new shirt!

CAUTION! We're spreading the gospel here! 

More service at the horse ranch~this is Cinnamon!

We taught primary... these kids are so stinking cute!

Friday, June 19, 2015

I have discovered the greatest kept secret in the world...

I have discovered the greatest kept secret in the world... REVELATION. Haha, just kidding. It's no secret, but sometimes I feel like revelation is too downplayed. Think about it. We have direct communication with our all-knowing, all-powerful, and perfectly loving Heavenly Father. It's amazing what He will reveal to you if you just ask.

This week, my companion and I made plans to find more people to teach. As we planned, we prayed and looked at a map to select a handful of streets that we should tract. So we started this adventure with a street that a few members live on. We were tracting... not finding a whole lot of success. Then we accidentally tracted into a member! She gave us water and grapes AND a referral!!! So we visited her friend across the street. She was super nice! But not interested in our message. Bummer! So we finished tracting that street and lo and behold... the last house we knocked on was our miracle. A nice redheaded man answered the door and came on the porch to chat with us. We had a great conversation and come to find out that his wife is a less-active member of the church! We gave him a Book of Mormon, invited him to read it, and also gave him a pass along card with our phone number on it. It was great! 

So then, fast-forward a few days. There was a town carnival and our mission president told us all to go proselyte at the carnival. Hahah he's so cool! We had a great time and talked to a ton of people. We were leaving and noticed we had a missed call. Guess whom it was from? It was from that redheaded man's wife! I can't even tell you how many pass along cards I’ve given out with my number on them and not once has anyone actually called! That alone was a miracle. She called and she is a sweet heart. She asked us if we would come back and visit her! We set an appointment and yesterday we were able to have a very special visit with her. The spirit was very strong as she expressed her deepest feelings and concerns to us. She is very close to the spirit and very receptive right now. She stopped going to church when she was 12, but she said she really wants to get back into church before they start a family. We committed her to read the Book of Mormon every day with her non-member husband and she excitedly accepted that commitment! I have a really good feeling about them.

I have offered up so many prayers of thanks and gratitude to Heavenly Father for leading us to this woman! She isn't exactly what we were expecting... but maybe her husband will become the new investigator we were seeking! Either way, Heavenly Father knew this woman needed the gospel in her life again. So He sent us to that street and we found her. Isn't revelation so cool?! Just ask. He will answer. 
I love you all so much and hope you're having a great summer!!!


Sister Hoer

This was an awesome hike last p-day! I LOVE hiking! (When she was little her mom made her hike, so hang in there all of you moms in the world!!! Making your kids do hard things pays off big time!)

This sweet 90 yr. old ranger certifiied I made it to the top and now I'm an official squirrel club member!

I could see the entire world from the top! Amazing!

Another gorgeous Colorado sunset~we go talk to people at the lake at dusk. It's a hopping place!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

We danced in the rain this week!

We danced in the rain this week! That's what life is all about...taking advantage of those small moments that make you happy. It's been pouring like crazy here! And every time I just wanna go out and play in it. So we did, hahhah~ good times.... good times.

I recently studied a lot about the armor of God and I learned something cool... the only offensive weapon in the armor of God is the Sword of Truth. Everything else is armor and defensive protection against evil. And the sword is the word of God... or the SPIRIT.  Literally our only weapon to fight in this battle is the spirit. That really hit me! Look how powerful and important the spirit is that it's our only weapon. We can do a lot to shield ourselves and protect ourselves spiritually. When it comes to fighting back, we only have the spirit and the word of God. I was thinking about that in relation to my missionary work. It makes complete sense! As we teach people, the only thing we really have to help them learn and progress is the spirit. After all, the spirit is the teacher here... I just say His words. And the spirit truly is the most powerful weapon we could have! I've seen people literally change their lives... humble themselves... go against their families... take a leap of faith... all because they felt the spirit testify to them that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth today. It's amazing! Nothing will happen until we can help them experience those sacred moments with the spirit. And how blessed are we to have the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I love when Jesus is talking to His disciples and He tells them that He is leaving His spirit with them~John 14:27&28.  His disciples I'm sure were a little shaken up and sad that their beloved Savior would leave them. But the best thing He could leave in His place was the spirit. That's our weapon!

Other than my awesome studies, this week has been great!!! We've been busy with meetings and teaching and all other great missionary things. We had an awesome member referral this week! The man we live with invited his friend to have a lesson with us. His friends are the D family. And to our surprise he and his wife show up completely prepared! Mrs. D sat down and pulled a Book of Mormon and a Joseph Smith pamphlet out of her purse! Turns out they had taken a trip to St. George and toured the visitors center and  a sweet sister missionary there gave them the Book of Mormon. It was so cool! They had a lot of questions and they were really intrigued with the concept of the great apostasy and the priesthood. I love seeing what our members can do. It was a powerful lesson to have it in a member home and to have the member there to testify to his friends. The D family is a wonderful family and the whole time we taught them, I could just picture them in white. Unfortunately, they were hesitant to set up another lesson... but our awesome member said he would be sure we get another lesson set up in the near future. The members are getting so excited about missionary work here in the Pinery Ward! It’s cute.

Great things are happening and life is so stinking good. With all the tosses and turns and trials life gives us, at least we can always smile because we know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.
I love you all! If it rains down there in the Vegas desert...go dance in it.


Sister Hoer

We danced in the rain, SOAKED!

Look how big this hail is!

Another gorgeous sunset in Colorado.

After doing service at the horse ranch we found this farmers market.  Kettle corn & fresh plums,  yummmm!

Farmer's Market

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Miracles happen!

Miracles happen! Everyday! Our ward started a 40-day fast for missionary work and it's amazing how immediate the blessings have been. We are on day 12 of our fast and so many great things have happened! In the past 2 weeks, we've gotten two really great referrals and we will be teaching both of them in the member's home this week! Those are like the best desserts for missionaries. Nothing makes us happier when a member finds an investigator and sets up an appointment for you! And not only that, but fellowship is key to helping them progress. So, we're really excited about that! It's also neat how there is just a different feeling in our area. As we walk the streets and go out and about...I don't even know how to explain's almost like the spirit is in the air around all these houses. We've found a good handful of potential investigators and wonderful people who want to learn more!  And the members have been so excited about it. It's cute to see how our ward really came together in unity to do this. Sometimes in the past, it's been more difficult to work with the members. But they are AWESOME!! They have really caught the spirit of missionary work and fasting. I love the verse in Alma 6:6...this reminds me of our 40 day fast. The Lord commanded these people to come together in fasting and mighty prayer for the welfare of the souls who knew not God...I know I didn't quote that right but the idea is that this has been going on for years! If we put forth some effort and sacrifice...such as fasting...the Lord recognizes that. I am a strong believer that the Lord recognizes every sacrifice we make, whether great or small, and He will bless us. Because if we are sacrificing, it shows our shows our submitting to His will. And the Lord is anxious to bless us as we do so.

Another A had her baby a few weeks ago, right? Well I was asking my companion how long until she's back to normal health again and she decided at least a month! I was bummed because I wanna teach her now! haha! (I guess I still need to work on patience) she's had a couple of rough weeks and her baby went back to the hospital so we were thinking it would actually be a few months until we saw her again. But miraculously, she asked for a priesthood blessing, then a week later we went by to bring her flowers. And you could hardly tell she just had a baby! She was off to another baby shower and feeling much better! She even said "I'll be at church on Sunday! Wanna have a lesson that night!?" It was so cute. And It made my day! So we had an awesome lesson with A last night. And she even brought her non-member mother along for the lesson. I can't even express how grateful I am for our loving Heavenly Father who blesses us so abundantly.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so blessed...why I get so many blessings!?! And the simple answer is because the Lord loves me. And He loves every single one of you just as much! I've noticed on my mission just how anxious and willing the Lord is to bless us if we just put forth some of our own efforts. Sometimes it's just a prayer… sometimes it's studying... sometimes it's taking action… and sometimes it's a 40 day fast. My testimony of prayer and fasting has really grown in the past 12 days. It's amazing. I wish you could all just be here and see the daily miracles that I see! But you can see them too! Just open your spiritual eyes. 

I love you all and hope you're not melting in Vegas!


Sister Hoer

Sis. Elama made her 1/2 way mark so we celebrated with ice cream!

We do service every week at a horse ranch. Horses are my favorite!

Well... I'm not the best with all animals.