Thursday, June 18, 2015

We danced in the rain this week!

We danced in the rain this week! That's what life is all about...taking advantage of those small moments that make you happy. It's been pouring like crazy here! And every time I just wanna go out and play in it. So we did, hahhah~ good times.... good times.

I recently studied a lot about the armor of God and I learned something cool... the only offensive weapon in the armor of God is the Sword of Truth. Everything else is armor and defensive protection against evil. And the sword is the word of God... or the SPIRIT.  Literally our only weapon to fight in this battle is the spirit. That really hit me! Look how powerful and important the spirit is that it's our only weapon. We can do a lot to shield ourselves and protect ourselves spiritually. When it comes to fighting back, we only have the spirit and the word of God. I was thinking about that in relation to my missionary work. It makes complete sense! As we teach people, the only thing we really have to help them learn and progress is the spirit. After all, the spirit is the teacher here... I just say His words. And the spirit truly is the most powerful weapon we could have! I've seen people literally change their lives... humble themselves... go against their families... take a leap of faith... all because they felt the spirit testify to them that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth today. It's amazing! Nothing will happen until we can help them experience those sacred moments with the spirit. And how blessed are we to have the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I love when Jesus is talking to His disciples and He tells them that He is leaving His spirit with them~John 14:27&28.  His disciples I'm sure were a little shaken up and sad that their beloved Savior would leave them. But the best thing He could leave in His place was the spirit. That's our weapon!

Other than my awesome studies, this week has been great!!! We've been busy with meetings and teaching and all other great missionary things. We had an awesome member referral this week! The man we live with invited his friend to have a lesson with us. His friends are the D family. And to our surprise he and his wife show up completely prepared! Mrs. D sat down and pulled a Book of Mormon and a Joseph Smith pamphlet out of her purse! Turns out they had taken a trip to St. George and toured the visitors center and  a sweet sister missionary there gave them the Book of Mormon. It was so cool! They had a lot of questions and they were really intrigued with the concept of the great apostasy and the priesthood. I love seeing what our members can do. It was a powerful lesson to have it in a member home and to have the member there to testify to his friends. The D family is a wonderful family and the whole time we taught them, I could just picture them in white. Unfortunately, they were hesitant to set up another lesson... but our awesome member said he would be sure we get another lesson set up in the near future. The members are getting so excited about missionary work here in the Pinery Ward! It’s cute.

Great things are happening and life is so stinking good. With all the tosses and turns and trials life gives us, at least we can always smile because we know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.
I love you all! If it rains down there in the Vegas desert...go dance in it.


Sister Hoer

We danced in the rain, SOAKED!

Look how big this hail is!

Another gorgeous sunset in Colorado.

After doing service at the horse ranch we found this farmers market.  Kettle corn & fresh plums,  yummmm!

Farmer's Market

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