Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Conference is literally the most wonderful time of year!

Conference is literally the most wonderful time of year! What a blessing it is for us to have living prophets and apostles that can deliver the word of the Lord to us!?!  I love watching conference. It's especially fun here because the members invited us to join them for all their conference traditions! Conference Cinnamon Rolls is a big thing here....

I love what Elder Russell M. Nelson said in his talk.... that we all need to ask ourselves "How will I change because of conference?" I definitely received some divine personal revelation and I know what I need to do in my life at this specific time. But what good will it be to me if I don't actually DO IT?? When King Benjamin got all the people together and they brought their tents to listen to his voice, he went and asked the people afterwards if they believed the words that he spoke. And do you know what they said? They said yes, they believed. But they continued to say that they felt a change in their hearts and they had no more desire to do evil! (Mosiah 2:5) Those people truly let the words of King Benjamin sink into their hearts and then they did something about it. Most of those people were baptized after hearing his words. We may have been baptized already, but what will we do to uphold that covenant we already made? What did the spirit tell us during conference that will help us strengthen our faith? How are we going to come close to Christ? These are things we need to think about to truly get the most out of conference. I sure am excited about the new goals I have set and how this will help me finish strong! The Lord gave us general conference for a reason! It's for us and for our benefit.

And how wonderful was it to have conference on Easter Sunday?? Man, talk about the best weekend ever! I loved talking to everyone about Christ and the infinite impact of His sacrifice. The Atonement is available for all of us. If we just exercise that faith and use it! Robert D. Hales talked a lot about agency. And we need to use that agency and decide to repent! Decide to depend on Christ! Just like Elder Hales said...."Don't walk.... RUN. Run to use your agency!" I could go on all day about the nuggets of knowledge I gained from conference. But overall, I felt a great appreciation for my Savior. For the love He has for every single one of us to give His life for us. And because of Him, we can live again. We can be made clean. I hope we all turned our thoughts to Christ this Easter and thank our Heavenly Father with all our hearts for the miraculous gift of His Son. 

I love my Savior. I know HE LIVES! He is there for all of moments of sadness, regret, sorrow, and sunshine.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week. 


Sister Hoer

Our Zone hiked Castle Rock last p-day. So much fun!

Beautiful Colorado day!

We have the coolest zone ever!

My comp & I & ZL's made matching headbands and ties for our zone, #swag.

My district

A few of my mishunary frendz.

We did our studies by this pretty little lake one day. Colorado is gorgeous!

An Easter egg I made.

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