Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ether 12:6 has been my theme for the past week. Geez, these trials of our faith are no fun!

Ether 12:6 has been my theme for the past week. Geez, these trials of our faith are no fun! But when you receive that witness AFTER the trial of your faith...it is all worth it. Our mission president gave my companion and I a very specific challenge of some goals he wanted us to meet. So we planned thoroughly and sought a lot of guidance from above as to how we could meet these goals. Boy oh boy, did we work hard this week. Every moment of the day, we were consciously putting forth all our efforts to accomplish these goals! And I was studying faith all week from preach my gospel...coincidence? Nope! haha! But This week taught me a lot. I've never prayed or pleaded so earnestly for help as I did this week. I knew we couldn't do this on our own...we needed divine intervention. After a quite exhausting week, we ended up not meeting our goals. We met one of them, but not all. I thought a lot about this last night and that's when Ether 12:6 came to mind. This is a trial of my faith and I will receive the witness when it's all done. But until then, I gotta keep pressing on! It was a bit frustrating to feel like I did all I could and still didn't meet our goals. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways though. And I definitely trust His plan over mine. Working hard all week did bring us many small miracles. We were able to meet a lot of wonderful people who welcomed us back next week. And we were able to meet with our investigators and make progress with them as well! 

Our investigator, A, is about to have a baby! We were able to meet with her a few times and she was very open with us about her concerns. Hopefully with this new insight and guidance, we can really help her and her family to progress even more! Our other investigator, S, is soaking in all the lessons. She does have some different beliefs that she said might be a problem, but I totally trust that the Lord and His spirit can change her heart. It's amazing what can happen when the spirit is present. 

So even with our falling short of the goals, we still had a blessed week. The Lord's hand is in just about everything that we do. I love feeling so close to the spirit and seeing how He helps us everyday as we do His work here on earth. I hope you all can see His hand in your lives this week! Cuz I promise you...it's there. 
                                                                         I love you all! xoxo
                                                                                                              Sister Hoer

We had a picnic with our Sis. Missionaries!

We helped out at the Family History Fair... playing dress up! It was super fun!

Our ward mission leaders wife bought these fruit strips for us. So sweet!

This is a fox! We see so much wildlife in Colorado, amazing!

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