Friday, May 8, 2015

I just pretend I'm in London and that makes the rain so much more enjoyable!

I LOVE to hike!

It's been beautiful and rainy here in Colorado! Sometimes I just pretend I'm in London and that makes the rain so much more enjoyable. But it is quite fun and refreshing to be out with our umbrellas and have the water tickle my toes (because I don't have waterproof my feet have been soaked LOL) We've stayed really busy this week! It's always crazy how fast time goes by when you're so busy. 

So S, our investigator with 6 dogs, had us over for dinner and a lesson this weekend. This whole time, we've been trying to arrange for a member to come...because members are the secret weapon to missionary work! And we finally got it to work. We brought a cute sister in our ward and S just hit it off with her. They have all the same interests and S even invited her for our next lesson! We didn't even have to ask! Inspiration is real. Because we prayed about which member we should bring to our lesson and this name came to our minds. It worked out beautifully.

“A” had her baby shower yesterday! We were able to go and have a good time with the cute ladies in our ward.  “A” is the cutest little pregnant lady ever. I love her! She will be having her baby super soon! So our lessons are kind of slowing down at the moment cuz she's super tired and stuff. But we'll see her next week for a lesson...possibly our last lesson before her baby is born! So exciting! 
That's about all I got for this week. I am just loving every moment here. I'm pretty sure I never want to leave Colorado. (How does that sound Mom!?! Good, huh??) Hahaha but really, life couldn't be better. And I couldn't be happier! I hope you are all feeling the same. Because life is too good to not enjoy every moment! Even the bad, we can always have something to be grateful for. And we always have reason to smile. Because Heavenly Father loves you and that alone makes me grin from ear to ear.

I love you all! Have a happy, happy, happy week. 

Sister Hoer

The rain has been torrential!

Our district did a sunrise hike early this morning!

View from sunrise hike where I did my studies. Gorgeous!

I love the scriptures!

Making a wish on dandelions, ha ha ha!

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