Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our mission had a special meeting with Elder Holland this weekend.

This week was amazing! Our mission had a special meeting with Elder Holland this weekend. He is truly a disciple of Jesus Christ. I could talk for hours about how amazing that meeting was and all the wonderful things I learned! And man, he has a great sense of humor! I always thought he was just so serious and intense...but he was really quite entertaining and captivating. We all got to go up and shake his hand before the meeting began. And he is full of Christ like love. I have never felt so much love from one person who I only met for 7 seconds! It was precious. I feel like Jeffrey R. Holland is my friend now. He helped our mission see what we need to do to be more successful. It was tender to hear him weep as he told us how much his mission meant to him. It made me reflect on my mission and just how much it means to me. This literally is the greatest thing I will ever do in my life. Participating in the salvation of human souls...there is literally nothing more important. Of course, I will do other important things like get married, have a family, get an education, etc. But I will never be able to spend 24/7 serving the Lord and bringing others to Him. D&C 18:10... The worth of souls is GREAT. That’s why this is the greatest thing I could ever do in my life.

Elder Holland helped us catch the vision of how we need to have fire in our bones as we share the gospel! He pinpointed what our mission needs to do to be better and more successful and that was it...that we need more enthusiasm, the gusto in our work. The time will go by fast, so why not give it everything we've got? I'm feeling pretty exhausted by now, but I've got a few more months to exhaust myself even more! Only my best will be good enough for the Lord. If I had more time, I would give you a great recap on the meeting we had, but just know that Elder Holland is a man called of God. And he represents Jesus Christ in everything that he does! He inspires me to live my life full of service and discipleship as he does. 3 Nephi 5:13...that is my LIFE scripture!

Our investigator, A, had her baby this week! We had a lesson about eternal families and the family proclamation just a few days before she had her baby. She loved it! And I could tell her and her husband are really thinking about how they want to raise their children and what they want for their future family. We also saw her yesterday and she has a beautiful baby boy. I think this will really be a turning point for them. Having a baby is quite a spiritual experience, or so I hear, haha! 

We started teaching a new lady, K. She's a sweetheart. She loves to sit on her front porch, so we go and have lessons out on her porch enjoying beautiful Colorado! We just began teaching her, but she commented that she feels so uplifted when we come. Sounds like a good start, ha!

It's just been so good out here. I love my mission and I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else. I cannot even imagine if I missed out on this opportunity. I know the Lord told me to go on a mission for a reason, and since I've been out, I have found a million more reasons why I needed to come. It's wonderful.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! 


Sister Hoer

I was able to see Sis. Elama and Sis. Fuchs again!

All the sisters that have lived with Sis. Kirby.

Our district is being split up.

Beautiful Colorado sunset.

We borrowed a dog to do some creative missionary finding!
Everyone has a dog to walk here in Parker.

Our investigator is expecting a baby any day!

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