Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Colorado is treating me well. Except for the 9 inches of snow we got this week. I could do without that!

What a week! Sometimes, I feel like we have so much to do that we don't even get time for good hard work! This week, we had a long meeting in the springs with representatives from the Mission Department. It was quite an amazing meeting. They came to our mission and evaluated what we need to work on to lift our mission and move the work forward. The focus of our training with them was proper planning. They talked all about how if we can involve the Lord in our planning, we will always be effective missionaries. After all, this is the Lord's mission. This is His work. So of course we should involve Him in our planning! I've always looked at planning as more of scheduling...finding things to do that will fill our time with productive activities and lessons. But they talked about taking the time to see the vision, set goals, make a plan, and then schedule it out. We tried this new and very involved way of planning and it made all the difference. It takes time, but we felt so guided by the spirit as we talked about our investigators and what we need to do to take care of our area.

This is the Lord's vineyard and He has assigned us to watch over this part of his vineyard for a time. I love Jacob 5. The Lord repeats many times.... "it grieveth me that I should lose this tree..." that shows just how much the Lord cares about every single one of His children. He doesn't want to lose a single one! And we, as laborers and servants in His vineyard, are working along side Him to make sure none of the trees or branches get lost. This meeting really made me appreciate my mission and the work I get to do here. It's a privilege to be doing the Lord's work! We are participating in the most important work among the face of the Earth...saving human souls. That is something to take seriously! 

I've definitely learned a lot and I'm loving the chance I get to apply what I've learned. Things are going great! And Colorado is treating me well. Except for the 9 inches of snow we got this week. I could do without that. 

Love you all! Have a fantastic week. 


Sister Hoer

The 9 inches of snow was a surprise!!!  It's APRIL!  ( My new comp Sis. Hall)

Last p-day, just chillin!

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