Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I've hit my halfway point on my mission!

The fun is just beginning! I've done a lot of reflecting this week as I've hit my halfway point on my mission. It's just not fair how fast time goes by. But in our mission, we get to take a trip to the temple when we hit halfway! And oh, what a glorious day was that. I love the temple so much! And I missed going!!!

It was so special to be there with all the sisters who were in the MTC with me. We've all grown so much since we were together 9 months ago! And our mission president also came with us. He is such a great guy. It's amazing what a strong spirit he carries with him everywhere he goes. He is truly called of God to be our mission president here in Colorado Springs.

So naturally, I learned a LOT at the temple. But the biggest thing I took away was the simple truth that Heavenly Father is PERFECT. I was blown away at all the little tender mercies and things that happened in the temple...and only Heavenly Father could have made those happen. He knows me better than I know myself and He knew that day what I needed to see and hear. And as I went through the session, it was so amazing to me how perfect His plan is. It all makes sense! Heavenly Father thought of everything. And He's given us everything to return back to Him! He is so loving to provide us with His Son as our Savior. and the plan of salvation. I could go on and on but Heavenly Father is perfect. Being in His House this week was so special. It gave me a lot of motivation as well for my purpose as a missionary. The happiness I felt in the temple was beyond any happiness you can feel in the world. And that gave me such a stronger desire for all my brothers and sisters here in Canon City to feel that same happiness!

The church is true. The gospel is our plan. And Heavenly Father is perfect and loves us perfectly.

Everyone go to the temple! Cuz I probably won't be able to go for 9 more GO!

Love you all,


Sister Hoer

All of the Sister I came out of the Mission Traning Center with. (MTC)

My mission training center compaion.
Colorado Temple

Pumpkin Heads

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