Thursday, November 20, 2014

My companion from Samoa - has never seen snow before!

I've made the re-discovery this week that snowflakes are indeed shaped like snowflakes. I just can't believe it's cold enough that I can see the tiny details and beauty of these small, frozen snowflakes. Bu,t it's exciting because Sis. Elama - my companion from Samoa - has never seen snow before! I wish I had a video of when we woke up Tuesday morning and looked out the window to see snow. She got SO excited! More excited than a little kid on Christmas was precious! But, the snow sure is beautiful. Everything looks so clean and fresh when it has just snowed. And, I'm learning some important life how to drive in snow and how to dress so your knees don't go numb. The elders here have given me a little course on snow driving 101. So far, so good! I'm ready for Alaska!

One day this week, it was about 10 degrees all day. We decided to go tracting that day. And, on that day, I learned that you should always wear leggings under you skirt if it's 10 degress outside. I had my boots on but they only cover my shins. So by the time we got down one street, I couldn't feel my knees and they were bright red. Not the best idea...but these are the sacrifices I'm willing to make to find a soul to save! My companion and I had a good laugh at how we were two girls from hot places tracting in the snow. Ohhhh what fun. :)
We also had a mission conference this week from Elder Baxter, a general authority! Cool side note: He is from Scotland so his accent was wonderful. But, besides his accent, he had some powerful things to say. I took a lot away from our meeting of how I can be a better missionary and focus on helping others “develop FAITH in Jesus Christ”. In our mission, a lot of missionaries struggle with discouragement because they don't baptize. But that's not the point. The point is to be committed to the work and to help others develop faith in Jesus Christ. And if they truly do develop faith in Jesus Christ, the baptism will follow. But, until they have faith, we wont' be successful in helping them experience conversion. Elder Baxter also said some very touching words as a message from the first presidency of how much they love us. He greatly applauded us for coming on a mission and enduring what we go through. It sure ain't easy out here, but it is worth it by far. I am learning and growing and developing skills that will last a lifetime!

I hope you're all enjoying the season of being grateful. Because we have SO much to be grateful for. I was studying about the Jaredites and how they traveled across the sea in those barges...which doesn't sound all that pleasant. But, in chapter 6 of Ether it mentions how they “never did cease to thank the Lord their God”.  If only the world could have that same attitude of gratitude. Love you all!


Sister Hoer

This is Sis Elama first snow fall!!!

We love the SNOW!

Ice cream is good even when its freezing!

Hot Cocoa... Yummy

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