Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Life lesson #024: Never put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher.

Life lesson #024: Never put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher. 
First of all, this week I learned that liquid dish soap does not belong in a dishwasher. MOM. You should have warned me. We ran out of dish soap and we had no more spoons so I couldn't eat my cereal! Without thinking this through, I put some liquid dish soap in the washer and started it. Yeahhhh bad idea. I was eating and talking with my companion..we were enjoying a delightful conversation and yummy food when my companion looked at the dish washer then back at me in a panic. So I jumped up and looked and started cracking up. But here's the twist on the story...our landlord was around the corner while all this was happening! She had come to shampoo the carpets and we didn't' want her to come and see the kitchen covered in soap! So we tried to keep our cool and continue a normal conversation as we slipped around and tried to clean up all the soap. It was hilarious! But I learned my lesson.

We are workin hard here in Canon City! there's a giant banner when you're driving down the main boulevard here in Canon that says "Welcome to Canon City...where the fun begins!" And boy is that a true statement! I've learned to just expect the unexpected here in Canon City. You never know what these people are gonna say. I've had to learn to keep a straight face because so many times I've wanted to just bust up laughing! And sometimes it's not so funny. We were teaching one of our investigators this week and she had a date set to be baptized in November! Things were going well, until our last lesson. We were talking and teaching and reading from the book of mormon and she was not paying attention at all. In fact she was acting a little high. And as we taught, she ended up telling us that she does in deed smoke. We switched our lesson right then and there and began teaching the Word of Wisdom. It was sad because she told us she had no desire at all to quit smoking weed. So, unless she changes her mind, she won't be baptized this November. But prayer is powerful. We'll see what happens.

There is a lady in our ward, Sister N, and she had our whole district over for dinner this week. We sat down and she put a giant bowl of rice and a giant bowl of chili on the table. We blessed the food and were about to eat...but none of us had utensils. So one of the elders said "Oh, Sister N we need spoons!" and she said "Nope. this is a PIG PARTY!" 

Pig Party: (n) a dinner party in which all participants must use their hands to eat.

Oh my goodness was this a mess or what. We all looked at each other with the same thought....chili with our hands...this is gonna be a disaster! And it kind of was. But I will never forget that night. Then she fed us a pudding pie for dessert. And the elders, being the tricksters they are, came up with an excuse to leave dinner (they went and got pizza) and left us there to deal with this pig party. Yup. Never will I forget dinner with Sister N. 

Like I said, you never know what to expect here in Canon City! And that's why I love it. 


Sister Hoer

I love all of the yellow leaves here in Colorado.

We totally built this fence behind us! Yay US!

My district leader and me.

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