Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We got to preview Meet the Mormons this week!! EVERYONE GO SEE IT!

Conference was so amazing! I absolutely loved every speaker and every word that was said. It was a little sad to have it end yesterday. But 6 months from now we'll have the same opportunity to listen to the prophets and apostles called of God to deliver His word. That was one thing that was witnessed to me over and over again by the Holy Ghost during conference....that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and he speaks what God wants us to hear. All of God's servants speak by the Holy Ghost and we can have that same Holy Ghost confirm to us that what they say is true. I am continually amazed that the Holy Ghost will witness truths to me even if I've asked 10 times in that same day. No matter what I ask, the spirit testifies to me if that thing is true.

I've pondered a lot about the things I heard and what I learned from conference...I've tried to pick a favorite talk but I just can't! One that really stood out to me was the one by Jorg Klebingat (at least I think that's what his name was....) He spoke of the 6 things we can do to be spiritually confident in ourselves. The things he said were quite basic but absolutely wonderful. I loved how he said we need to become really really good at repenting thoroughly and quickly. As a missionary, I think it's safe to say I am more in tune with the spirit now than I ever have been in my life. So the spirit makes it very clear to me in the moment if something is not right or if I need to change my ways. But I've never thought of immediately repenting. Thoroughly and quickly. That is a principle and habit I hope to create in my life. I know that as I do that, I will become spiritually confident in myself and know that I am working on changing and improving my life. Ya’ll should do the same! The world will be a much better place. There is just such a sweet and special spirit that I feel every time I watch conference. We are so blessed to have a living prophet today and his apostles to guide us and help us in this crazy world we live in. 

Speaking of the world we live in...we got to preview Meet the Mormons this week!! EVERYONE GO SEE IT! It was absolutely stupendous. It brought tears to my eyes and I got to take a peek into the lives of my fellow Latter-Day Saints around the world. The church is true no matter where you go. And there are wonderful people out there in the world. This movie made me realize that we all might just be one individual...but we can make a difference. By our choices, examples, and decisions to do the right things, we can heavily influence all those around us. Seriously, everyone go see this movie, and bring your friends! This week has just made me very grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Not only because of the happiness I feel from knowing God loves me. That I am His daughter. That Jesus Christ is my Savior. That I can live again with my family. But also because of the morals and values I have to be a good person in society and how to do what is right even when what is right is not popular. We are so blessed! 

I love you all and hope the best for each and every one of you. 


Sister Hoer

Only the scarecrows seemed to listen this week! LOL jk

BBW~Where we get free food every Friday! Ya!

Our general conference set up! Couches and all.


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