Monday, July 13, 2015

The stake here in Parker rented the Gazebo at the park on Main Street and we set up a Family History booth!

This week, we had a lot of meetings and teaching to do. We did have a cool finding day on Saturday! The stake here in Parker rented the Gazebo at the park on Main Street and we set up a Family History booth! We had computers and signs and it was off the hook! All the missionaries came to the park and we talked to people that were hanging out in the park. We invited them all to mosey on over to the gazebo and we could teach them about family history! Our mission president joined us and he ended up teaching the whole Restoration lesson to one of the ladies that came into the gazebo. What a stud! It was exciting though. I got to man the booth for a little bit and help other people set up accounts with Family Search and teach them about families! It was super fun and exciting to see how pumped other people get when we talk about families. The spirit of Elijah is real! And it's contagious. Family History is a target here in Parker. The people up here are soooooo into that kind of stuff! So of course, we use that to find people to teach. 

Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet with R this week. She was not feeling well and was not up to seeing anyone. But we did hear from her and we will see her tonight! We are all fasting and praying as a ward to soften her mother's heart so she can get permission to be baptized. That's gonna be the trickiest part. R already has such a strong testimony and she is SO close to the spirit. We are still seeing the fruits and miracles of our 40-day fast! I think that fast was the best thing that happened to our ward all year. People have shared some amazing stories and the ward has really changed. I love seeing what miracles the Lord can work when we put our faith in Him.

Life is wonderful. And things are going great! Parker is such a pleasant place. You all don't know what you're missing out on! Hahahah but really, it's great. I love you all and hope you can see the miracles in your life too!


Sister Hoer

The Parker, CO stake rented a gazebo on Main Street.  We set up a family history booth. Sis. Zitting is my new comp!

All the missionaries helping out! Our mission president taught a woman who came into the booth an entire restoration lesson!

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