Monday, July 27, 2015

I held a snake this week!

I held a snake this week!

That's all.

Hahah, just kidding! But really, it's been a week. Our poor investigator, R, was recovering from a car accident all week, and then on top of it all... her childhood friend passed away. And her mom backed out on giving her permission to be baptized. She is just getting bombarded! We were able to spend some precious moments comforting her. It's amazing how even among all these trials, the Lord's timing is still perfect. I was pretty frustrating that this all happened the week before she was supposed to get baptized. Of course, we've moved her baptism back.... but from the outside, this might look like a disaster. However, if R had not gained a testimony of the gospel- the plan of Salvation in particular- these trials would be unbearable. I can't even imagine the increase of pain she would have felt this week if she hadn't had a testimony. Yes, it's still sad and hard. But the Lord knows what He's doing. He put the gospel in her life with impeccable timing to deal with these hardships. The gospel gives us the tools to solve all of life's problems. I know that to be true! I've seen it time and time again. The answer is always found in our scriptures or on our knees as we plead with the Lord. Every time we face a bump in the road, just remember the Lord is still aware of us. And HE CARES.

I love you all! Hope your'e not melting in Vegas, because I'm soaking up some 80 degree weather here. Woohoo! 

I LOVE COLORADO! These sunflowers grow wild here!

Sis. Davis and I out on exchanges. We came out together!

Sis. Davis and I with the wild sunflowers.


Sister Hoer

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