Wednesday, July 8, 2015

If I had a dollar for every miracle I saw, I would LITERALLY be a millionaire.

If I had a dollar for every miracle I saw, I would LITERALLY be a millionaire. We are in day 39 of our 40-day fast and the miracles have just been out of this world. Yesterday at church, I think the reason for this fast came to be.

So the S family has a friend that has been living with them for the past 6ish months. Their daughter's best friend...we'll call her R.... moved in with them and it has been the best thing for her. The S family told R that in order to live in their home, she had to live by the family rules- which included going to church, mutual, seminary, and all other activities. R is really good friends with their daughter, so she has been a great influence. This past week, the youth all went on the Trek up in Martin's Cove. I remember doing that same trek and how much it built my I was super excited and pumped up for all these kids! R went with the S family and that's where the miracle came in to play. She had an amazing time on the trek and received the most clear prompting in her life that this is where she needed to be.... this is what God wanted her to do with her life. It's no coincidence she moved in with the S family...and that's when she decided she wanted to be baptized. We saw R at church yesterday and she gave us the biggest hugs! It's amazing because for the past couple months, she has been dodging us at church. We've tried to teach her this whole time but I guess she just wasn't ready. So she was so excited to see us and she told us that she wants to be baptized! Her friend excitedly said "so yeah, let's set up some missionary lessons!" We went over right after church and had a sweet little lesson. We talked about her experiences and what will happen before she gets baptized. Then we were talking about a date for her baptism and she says "OH I would get baptized tomorrow if I could!" That just made my heart so happy. It was precious to see how her countenance had even changed. She was glowing with the spirit! And it was amazing how confident she was in her decision. She said she could not deny the spirit she felt and she wants that feeling in her life all the time. Like I've said before, the spirit is the only weapon we've got. And boy, is it powerful.

I just can't believe the miracles we've seen. I've been here for a long time and with the way things have been going, I started to lose hope that we would get anything going. That's why we started the 40 day fast and it's been amazing. The miracles have been countless. I truly feel that R is the reason we needed to do this 40 day fast. The ward is amazing and so supportive of R already. Geez, being a missionary is just so great. I really think I am a millionaire. I sure feel like a million bucks! Hahahah The spirit is the real teacher and Heavenly Father is the miracle worker. I'm just lucky enough to witness it all. 
I love you all! 


Sister Hoer

We are the Pinery Ward Sisters! I LOVE the Pinery Ward!

We went kick boxing with an investigator. Oh so sore the next day!

Our district this transfer.

Hiking this last p-day. 

COLORADO is soooo beautiful!

One last hiking picture, I love to hike!

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