Thursday, January 8, 2015

This might have been the best Christmas of my life!

It was a White Christmas for us here in Canon City! We got some beautiful snow the night of Christmas. But, the most beautiful white this Christmas was the pure white of a baptismal jumpsuit. A few days after Christmas, our investigator was baptized. It was such a special meeting for all of us! We've been working with her for the past 4 months or so and she has grown so strong in her testimony. We've been through a lot with her, so to see her enter the waters of baptism this Christmas season was the most wonderful gift ever. The spirit was so strong as we listened to the talks and then watched her make those sacred covenants with our Father in Heaven. 

Before the baptism, we were talking with her and she was SO nervous. So nervous to the point that I started getting afraid she would say "I can't do this!" But, we talked with her and reminded her of the decision she made and how it will bless her life. She is a strong woman. No one from her family came to support her at the baptism. Her parents really weren't thrilled with her decision, but she knew it was right. We have an awesome ward, so there were many of her new ward family there to support her. The baptism was performed and we met her in the bathroom to help her back into her clothes. She was SO excited when we met her back in the bathroom! We were chatting and I asked her how she felt. Her first answer was "COLD!" (it was a cold day in Colorado). But, she said in all seriousness that she felt so extremely happy. She had never felt so much happiness or so much excitement before in her life. It was so great! Hahah, she's the cutest ever...she said "It was like a movie!" I loved seeing the happiness she felt after making those covenants with God. I could tell that she felt so much love from heaven and that she was now confident in her future. It was also neat for Sis. Elama and I. We felt Heavenly Father smiling down as she entered the waters of baptism.

The next day, she was confirmed. Our bishop confirmed her and gave her a powerful blessing. Once again, we felt Heavenly Father's love for her. It's indescribable! These are the moments that make everything worth it. There is no other place I'd rather be. Not even at home snowboarding with my family this Christmas season. Nothing could beat the happiness and love I felt this Christmas season as I shared the holiday with people who are my new family members here in Colorado and seeing a daughter of God enter into the fold. 

This might have been the best Christmas of my life! I hope you all felt the spirit of Christ this Christmas! 

Love you all and a Happy New Year!!! 


Sister Hoer

Everyone was soooo generous to us! Chocolate Overload!

Mom's best Christmas gift this year! Love, Mom

Merry Christmas!

Best Day of my Life!

My birthday party, hoorah I am 20!

I just picked up the bag pipes!

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