Friday, January 9, 2015

Members make the BIGGEST difference in missionary work.

Members make the BIGGEST difference in missionary work. We were blessed with another baptism this weekend and I can't even say I had anything to do with it. The members did all the work in finding and teaching, we really just guided the lessons and helped set up the baptism. Back in the beginning of December, the B family brought a friend to the ward Christmas party. They introduced her to us and we had a nice chat. Of course we invited her to learn more and take the missionary lessons! The B family is so awesome and set it all up for us. We teamed up with the elders and whipped out all the lessons in a very short period of time. The investigator, R, was very receptive. She was truly one of Heavenly Father's "elect" as everything we taught she said was the answers to the questions she has been searching for. It goes to show that Heavenly Father really does prepare people. She was absolutely prepared and ready to accept the fulness of the gospel. It all happened so fast that I still can't believe it really happened...but on Saturday, R was baptized and it was a powerful service. Her nonmember family all came to support her! Her father has had bad experiences with church members in the past, so we were excited that he gave permission for her to be baptized. He definitely felt the spirit at his daughter's baptism because afterwards, he asked the elders when they could come over and answer some of his questions. Miracles. The work is hastening.

I share this story with you because I want all you MEMBERS out there to know that we absolutely cannot do it without you! We sure can try, but the best results are when the members are involved. Our ward mission leader always reminds the ward that the missionaries are really here to help the members with their full time missionary work. Think of Alma and Amulek. Amulek was like the member assisting the missionaries and helping them teach. In Alma 10:12 we see the power of a member's testimony...."the people began to be astonished" as Amulek shared his testimony and helped teach those who wanted to learn. Missionaries can teach about tithing until they're blue in the face. But really, who is gonna trust me, a 20 year old girl, who has never had a solid job and a family to support. But when we have a member come along...who is a father that can relate to our investigators and testify of the ways tithing has blessed his family...THAT is powerful. The Lord works through us as members to find our friends and help them experience the same joy that we have found through the gospel. The church is true. I've seen miracles and seen the Lord's hand as He brings His children into the fold. He loves every single one of us on this earth and it is His JOY that we all might find the gospel and experience eternal life with Him. So go out and bring a friend to church! Miracles will happen. 

Happy New Year to you all! Peace and Blessings. 


Sister Hoer

A slice of coolness in Canon City.

For NEVER seeing snow before, my comp. sure does love it!

Sis. Elama made this for me while we were waiting for one of our appt. She LOVES the snow!

There it is... 1 degree!

The weather outside is freightful.... So thankful I have warm clothes!

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