Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sis. Firedancer told me what my spirit animal was this week!

The only wildlife we enjoyed this week was a giant tarantula. I learned some unfortunate news this week...so ya know how birds migrate when it gets cold? Well, apparently tarantulas migrate too. And, they migrate right through Canon City. We were driving down the highway to our appointment and there was a GIANT one in the middle of the road! Then when we got to our appointment, the family was like "You gotta come see this!" and sure enough, it was a giant tarantula. I took a picture, but these things have great camouflage. So look closely!

Anywho, it was a fantastic week. I am always amazed at how quickly the weeks go by! My companion is continuing to improve her English. One morning we were reading out of the missionary handbook and she said, "Champion Study" instead of "Companion Study" LOL! So now we have champion study every morning. And boy, let me tell ya! Champion study is so much fun. We learn like champs and prepare to teach like a champ. HAHA! Just kidding, but really. It's great.

This week we visited with Sis Firedancer again. She told my companion and me what our spirit animals are. She's such a cool native American lady! I absolutely love her. But, we were visiting and she was explaining the concept of spirit animals to us. I've heard from other missionaries that she is famous for telling you what your spirit animal is..and sure enough she assigned us a spirit animal. It was actually really interesting! She asked me a few questions about when I was younger and things I used to do...and she was spot on! It's like she knows me. haha! Then she continued to tell me my spirit animal and why. Get ready for it! My spirit animal is the DEER. I love it. She told me that deer are gentle and kind in all that they do. And, they are sure footed. They are one of the only animals that can run on rocks and still stay on their path. She also said that deer usually flee from danger or scary situations, but they know where to go. They know where it is safe and they go directly there. They have a destination and they will get there on the path they know. I thought this was all very interesting. I have a whole new love for deer and I appreciate their characteristics! Now I just gotta find an awesome shirt with a deer on it...My companion's spirit animal is the beaver! That was fun. She said a beaver is welcoming to all that come into her path and they will accept anyone as "family". They are loving and they feed everyone who comes to their home. With her Samoan culture, that fit her perfectly! So we are now the beaver/deer team.

I love the people I've met on my mission. I've been asked a lot recently what my favorite part about the mission has been, and it is by far the people I've met. The relationships I've formed and the things I learn from these people are priceless! Some of these people will be my lifelong friends. And, some of them I feel like I've known forever. It's fun to see who will be put in our path and how we can all change each other's lives. 
I am loving my mission and everything about it! This is the life! 

Love you all.


Sister Hoer
Gotta Enjoy these Colorado sunflowers before the cold sets in!

Hiking on P-day

My district entered a sub sandwich eating contest... I definitely did not win!

Here is the Tarantula...migrating.  Amazing camouflage!

The weather has been gorgeous so we eat our lunch at the park.

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