Thursday, August 7, 2014

I had my first kiss on the mission!

All right everyone I have a confession. I had my first kiss on the mission! HAHA! Do not be alarmed though, it was a kiss from my adopted grandma here in Canon City. Let me tell you about Grandma M. She is such a sweet soul. She is not a member, but the missionaries have been doing service for her the past 6 months. She's up there in age and just needs help with everyday things like cleaning and taking care of her house. I fell in love with her instantly! She has a firecracker personality. And she has a colorful vocabulary. It makes me laugh. So the first time I met her, she said she loves to give the missionaries nick names. So I am now "The pretty one". I was flattered! Then a few days later, we had dinner with her. I was just chatting with her and she said something funny. So I said "Grandma M, You're so cute!" Then she stopped in the middle of her sentence, looked at me...then grabbed my face and kissed me! It came out of no where. And I'm sure her lipstick got on me. But it was hilarious. She is seriously so funny. I love being around her! We talk to her a lot about God and Jesus Christ. She has some interesting beliefs, but she's come a long way since when the missionaries first met her. And, yesterday she came to church and even bore her testimony! It was more of a testimony of gratitude for the service and love she has felt. But, it was still awesome. She is so wonderful. We do service for her weekly so I look forward to getting to know Grandma M better!
Golly, so Canon City! It's crazy here! I am almost in culture shock because it's so different than Parker. Yesterday in ward council, they were brainstorming dates for a ward activity. Someone threw out October 11th, and the Elder Quorum president said that would be impossible because that's opening day for Elk hunting. Never heard that in ward council before! but I am loving it more and more everyday. Oh and we get free food every Friday after district meeting! #winning It's a teeny tiny old town. The people here are just living life and doing what they can to get by. But, it's great because they are really searching for something more to from above. I've heard of some amazing miracles happening here and I know that I will see those same miracles as I am obedient and do all I can to work hard! It's really about forgetting myself and loving these people. Whether it's my companion or the investigators or the members. I am really learning to rely on the Lord for strength and help to accomplish His will. I have literally felt the Lord speaking through me as I met these people this week. It was interesting because I met them all for the first time and taught them for the first time. But, I was so guided by the spirit. I knew nothing about them or their past besides the 10 minutes we spent getting to know each other. The Lord told me exactly what to say and how I can bring the spirit as we taught. After all, this is the Lord's work and I'm just here to be an instrument in His hands. 

So things kind of took a turn for the worse when I got here. I must be bad luck or something. They had an investigator who was so close to baptism...but my 2nd day here we got a call from the lady who lived with her. She said that our investigator has run away and has no idea where she went or if she is ever coming back. Goodness!!! I come to town and our investigator runs away! Argahhah! But, we have a few others we are working with. I haven't met them yet...things have been so crazy. But, two of them are kind of "on hold" right now as my companion puts it. And, then our other investigator will not be able to be baptized for about a year and a half due to legal issues. So very different than parker. But, I am excited for the work here! I am ready to put in my all and do everything I can to bring the gospel to all these people here in Canon City! 

I wish I had more time to tell you all about my adventures here, but just know that they are real and they are exciting. I have really learned to rely on the Lord as I said. It's amazing how much He will strengthen us and when we forget ourselves, we have eyes to see what the Lord wants for these people. Next week should be better as I am more adjusted to the area and familiar with whats going on! I Love you all and appreciate the love and support. 


Sister Hoer

Getting pedicures with Sis Ford

Saying good-bye to the Fords

Driving to transfers with Erkie. I miss her!

Frozen hot cocoa with my new comp. Sis. Stone

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