Friday, August 22, 2014

Canon City is so crazy! It's very different than any environment I've ever been in. But, I am loving it!

Canon City is so crazy! It's very different than any environment I've ever been in. But, I am loving it! It's a nice change of pace. Literally. The speed limit on most roads is only 25 or 30 mph. I'm a city driver! 

This week we saw some really cool things happen. We had a laurel in one of the wards come on a "mini mission" with us. She spent a couple days with us and got a taste of what missionary life is like.  One of the days, we decided to take her tracking with us and show her what it's like. We didn't have much success at first. We talked to a lot of people and gave out a lot of cards, but the miracle came with the very last person we talked to. We were walking back to our car and the mini missionary with us noticed a man on his porch. We decided we'd talk to him before we got back in our car. Well, we were about 20 feet from him when he got up and went inside. BUMMER. There were kids playing on the grass so we started talking to them instead. Their mom was inside and saw us talking to them so she came out. We ended up talking to her and even though we originally desired to talk to the man on the porch, this lady was the reason we needed to come over.

We'll call her H. We got talking with H and she told us she had just moved to Colorado with her kids 2 weeks ago. They don't have any of their furniture or belongings because it's back in their home state. But, we got talking and she told us she is really looking for a church to join here. Hello! We have the answer! So we talked about our basic beliefs and she told us she just recently found a belief in God. She never believed He existed until she gave birth to her daughter. She said both her daughter and herself stopped breathing when she gave birth and the doctors thought they had both died. This went on for 3 minutes then they got their breath back and they are both living today. She said that experience proved to her that there is a God and He loves them. How cool is that!? 

We continued to testify to her and explain more about God's love and how He sent his son. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and I asked her to read the paragraph in the introduction that quotes Joseph Smith in saying that a man would grow nearer to God by reading the Book of Mormon than by any other book. She said that was extremely powerful and she has a great desire to grow closer to God. H has been prepared with these experiences and it is no coincidence that we started talking to her. She said she'd love for us to teach her more! I am really excited about this. It was super neat because this experience testified to me that the spirit really guides us and makes sure that we are in the right place at the right time. I felt the spirit testify through me of exactly what I needed to say to H. 

We also found a sweet old lady who will begin taking the lessons this week! We met her briefly but then she expressed a need for service. So we came back the next day and did some weeding for her. Afterwords, she tried to pay us for our service and we told her we don't want money. But we did make out a deal that if we did service for her, she could pay us by letting us teach her. She has lost many loved ones in her life and is quite interested in the plan of salvation. So we are going to continue to do service for her and have lessons afterwords. It's gonna be awesome! She's a sweet old lady who lives alone. And, boy does she have jokes! I love it. 

The people here are so interesting to talk to. And, most of them will talk your ear off! Yesterday we sat on the porch with a cute lil granny and her grandpa friend and we just chatted. We talked a lot about Jesus Christ but she was just so happy to have us join her on her porch and visit with her. They are so friendly here and love to talk. I learn so much about these people and I feel so much love for them.

Things are going great here. Some days it feels slow but the work is picking up. The Lord always provides and when we are obedient to the promptings of the spirit, He will not let us down. 

I hope y'all are excited to go back to school! Soak up the sun while you can. 
Love you all!!!


Sister Hoer

We had dinner at the Gooseberry Patch!

The Laurel that did a mini mission with us this week.

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