Friday, August 22, 2014

The Lord is just polishing you and blessing you with these experiences because He trusts you!

I'm loving Canon City! We also cover a few teeny tiny towns around Canon. Everything here is very different! I'm getting a taste of small town living. It's interesting. The people here are wonderful though. I absolutely love talking to them and learning about where they come from and why they believe what they believe. 

So unfortunately I lost my notebook with my notes about this week in it...and apparently my brain is empty because I don't remember anything that happened this week. We lost half our teaching pool...that was a major bummer! Literally everyone is moving! We call them to set up an appointment and they say "I moved". WHat!? So this week we really focused on our finding efforts and are doing all we can to find more people to teach! 

There is this awesome family that we've been working with. The mom is a member and her kids have been baptized, but they've been less active for many years. And, they are coming back into activity stronger than ever! We meet with them to help them with their struggles and help them learn more about how to stay steadfast in the faith. They have been coming to church every week! The mom is working towards going to the temple for her own endowment. It's so awesome to see that their lives have changed because they put Christ at the center of their family. The dad had always sworn that he would never step foot into a church building. But he's been at church with his family the past 2 weeks. With time, I know he will come to accept the gospel. He makes it very clear that he doesn't wanna be pushed into it. But he'll accept it when he's ready.

Another cool fact for the week. I ate dinner with my psychology teacher's parents! It's such a small world. And, I'm amazed at the connections I've made on my mission! It's funny how people here react when I tell them I'm from Las Vegas. They either get real excited and tell me stories about a time they went to Vegas. Or they roll their eyes and tell me they cannot believe I lived in sin city my whole life. Its hilarious! 

But, yeah. Things are going great here. I'm getting used to this area and the people. The Lord has put a lot of obstacles in front of me to climb. But because of them, I am stronger. I have really come to recognize adversity as a gift. When you can step back and look at all the things you gain from your trials and sorrows, they are so much greater than anything you've had before. You are a better person. The Lord is just polishing you and blessing you with these experiences because He trusts you and knows your potential. This is a wonderful life.


Sister Hoer

Our new car! jk~

Who knows why there is this huge duck here?

A sweet YW doing a mini mission with us this week.

Little taste of home!

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