Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The gift of tongues is real. Or maybe I should call it the gift of sign...LOL

The gift of tongues is real. Or maybe I should call it the gift of sign...LOL. This week was crazy. Satan sure is good at putting roadblocks in your way when you're trying to do something righteous. Our deaf investigator, M, was baptized this weekend! That was a special experience. I am still just so amazed and stand in awe at how strong the spirit is even though we cannot communicate properly. It just goes to show how the spirit is a universal language. No matter who you are, it speaks the same. The week leading up to the baptism was crazy. Possibly one of the most stressful weeks of my mission. It was just one thing after the other! But thank goodness, the Lord is always there to help everything fall into place. 

We showed up for the baptism and no one was there. Needless to say, we were freaking out. Then  M strolls in with the man who is going to baptize him. He was still early, but 15 mins late haha! Then we had to try and communicate to get him into his baptismal clothing. He's so patient. He understood most of our gestures and smiled the whole time. So we got him all set and people slowly started to show up. But one person was missing....the interpreter! The show couldn't' go on without him. So we waited....and waited....and a half hour later he showed up! At least he came. So the baptism moved forward. And boy, it was wonderful. Deaf people are so expressive with their faces, so I loved seeing his expressions as he entered the water, and then as he came out. It was so cute. He was so happy and so excited! M has really turned his life around. I can't wait to see what he will accomplish now that he has his life centered on the gospel. His daughter was baptized last year and she said the opening prayer at the baptism. It was precious...she poured out her heart to Heavenly Father of how grateful she was that her father was getting baptized. I can't wait to get to heaven when M has his perfect ears and we can communicate properly. That's gonna be a glorious day. 

Mission life is wonderful. I really don't' know if I ever wanna come home! Never have I ever been so happy or felt such pure joy. That scripture in D&C 18:15-16 is true. The ways the gospel can bring happiness cannot be found anywhere else. 
Things are rockin here in sunny Colorado. We've enjoyed some absolutely beautiful weather. This state has stolen my heart. Mostly because I am shocked at the beauty of the earth. I wish you could all be here to see what my eyes see everyday...the gorgeous rocky mountains capped with snow....the amazing sunrises....the big trees bare for winter...the little lakes and ponds all around.....the rolling hills....gosh. How could it get any better? 

I love you all. Hope you have a fantastic week! 

Sister Hoer

Happy Valentine's Day!

Look at these cuties.

Gotta have ice cream every once in a while.

The new me~ a true Coloradoian~granola, hippie type...LOL!


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