Thursday, February 5, 2015

Go be obedient!

Hello world. It truly is a privilege to be here on a mission serving the Lord. Every day I am just amazed at how His love is evident in all the world around us. These people here are absolute gems. I am growing to love them so much and I'm so happy to be serving them here in Fountain! 
And, this might be the funniest group of people I've ever been around. We have some comedians in this area! It's just a blast to talk to them and get to know their fun personalities. I think the people I've met on my mission have been one of the best things yet. I've met some amazing people who have really had an impact on me. There are good people all around us. We need these strong ones to keep the world going! 

We are still working with M, our deaf investigator. He's so close to his baptism! We taught him all about the commandments this past week and he was so humble and willing to be obedient to everything we committed him to do. He said he likes to drink coffee....but when we told him he had to stop drinking coffee to be baptized he said "I promise I will never drink it again." Then a few minutes later he says "Wait...I have an idea. So how about I just eat chocolate every time I want coffee? Is that allowed?" He is so precious. He truly wants to be obedient to all that our Heavenly Father has asked us to do. I can't wait to see him get baptized. It's gonna be a cool service with all the sign language. His sweet spirit radiates from him and I've learned a lot from his humility and desire to do exactly what the Lord wants him to do.

This reminds me of an article I read today. It was a conference talk from a few years ago, but the apostle (I can't remember who...oops...) was speaking about how Christ was the perfect example of obedience. Everything He did in his life was in order to be obedient to His Father. We should all have that desire to have exact obedience to the Father. That's another thing I have learned on my mission...exact obedience. Not only examples of how to be obedient, but I also see every day on my mission how exact obedience brings blessings. The same is true for all of us! Heavenly Father is just waiting to bless us if we will obey His will.
Go be obedient! 

Love you all.

Sister Hoer

We LOVE Culver's frozen yogurt!

We took a little road trip, Yeah!

My old district came from Canon City for p-day. We went to the trampoline place. It was a blast!

I am so excited that Sis. Koval is in my Fountain, CO district.

I love my new companion, Sis. Marler.


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