Monday, June 9, 2014

We have become the ward judges for the best steaks!

Something happened this week that I never ever thought would happen on my mission. For a moment I felt like I was in some exotic we were driving down the street (a young woman in our ward was going around with us...we didn't get a car) But at a distant I saw two people walking the biggest, ugliest dogs I have ever seen. As we got closer, I realized they were walking PIGS. Yes. They had two giant hairy pigs on leashes and they were walking them down the street. I was baffled. That was one time that I was a little sad we were not walking because I wanted to talk to them! We were in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in our ward and I just don't understand why anyone would have two pet pigs. Bizzarreeeeee.

Something else happened that I never thought would happen on my mission...I survived a hurricane! Just kidding. There aren't hurricanes in Colorado. But it felt like it! The rain has been coming down reaaaaaaaaal hard this week. I usually love the rain. But when I had to walk in it everyday and my shoes turned into little lakes, it wasn't so enjoyable. One day while it was raining, the lightning was right above us. I think it literally must have struck 10 feet from us because we heard the electricity and the lightning stroke the same exact time there was a huge crack of thunder. It shook my little bones! And it scared me and my companion, so we ran. We ran to a less active man's house and amazingly he was home! We knock on his door every time we pass, but usually don't get an answer. He was home and we were out of breath and scared so he let us in. We had a nice chat with him and his dad (his dad was visiting from salt lake) and we shared a scripture with him. And BAM. He came to church on Sunday. It was so great to see him there! He only stayed for sacrament meeting...but he came. That near death experience turned out to be a miracle haha!

So we had lunch with T this week. She is so great. She told us how she really wants to raise her kids in a church like ours because she wants her daughters to be just like us. So tender. We were able to tell her about the happiness and guidance we have received from being members of our church. She really likes how she feels around us. And she has a million LDS friends. We decided we are just gonna start teaching her the discussions. I can tell she really needs the gospel in her life, and she is looking for something more. She just doesn't realize it's right in front of her!

We also met with M this weekend. It was awesome. We were able to set a date for her to be baptized!!! She has really been taking her studies more seriously lately and she is earnestly seeking for an answer. We are gonna do all we can to make sure she is ready for her date at the end of this month. I am so excited for her! And It's amazing to see the change in her just in the past few weeks that we have been meeting with her. She is funny...she keeps telling us she doesn't have faith, but she knows god lives and she prays to him all the time! So we were able to help her realize what faith is and let her know that she has it! I have really grown to love M. She's so awesome! I hope and pray everything goes well these next few weeks!

We were also able to catch the S family this week! They were packing up the car to go to a Rockies game and we caught them before they left. Their son is the one that really wants to be baptized, but his parents aren't as enthusiastic about it. The kids were in the car and we were talking to the dad about when we could start teaching his son. He told us next week would be good, then his son goes..."Dad! Ask them if they can come over for dinner!" Woohoo! So now we get food and a lesson! Haha!! He is the cutest little boy ever and he really really wants to be baptized.

Speaking of food, we have become the ward judges for the best steaks! On Memorial Day, a brother in the ward grilled us some steak and told us it would be the best we ever had and that we needed to tell bishop about it. So we did, and it was delicious steak. Then a few days later, another brother in the ward was bragging about his steak and I said..."well, we'll believe it when we see it because Brother L made us some pretty good steaks" He found brother L at church yesterday and told him he was up for the competition! Then last night, Brother J made us steak and we told him it might have beat brother L. Now we are judges for the best steak in the ward. LOL! I am kind of a lightweight though....I couldn't finish my steak last night! It was delicious...but my stomach couldn't hold it all! Ohhh it's fun.

The ward really is great. Missionary work has really been on everyone's mind since we've been doing family mission plans with everyone. It's cute because people find us at church and are SO excited to tell us about their missionary moments for that week. They are really taking their responsibility to be member missionaries seriously! I love it. And I encourage all of you to find the same opportunities to be member missionaries!

We have been really working hard here and I am loving every moment. I have seen the hand of the lord every single day on my mission. Even with the tiniest things, I am recognizing His hand. It's amazing how much He is there and how much He does for us if we just look for it. The Lord is there and He takes care of us. I KNOW that to be true.

Love you all!!!


Sister Hoer

Farmer Sis Hoer chewing on some wheat...  mmm mmm good!

It felt like a hurricane & this is how we felt...LOL

Then we decided to smile

adorable little boys we live with wear our name tags

Playing tennis on our last p-day

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