Thursday, June 19, 2014

Transfers! I'M STAYING IN PARKER!!! I am so excited!

Transfers! I'M STAYING IN PARKER!!! I am so excited! I am staying in the same ward, but I'm getting a new companion. I am really sad though because Sis Koval is leaving. We had such a good transfer together! But I know that everything happens for a reason. And I'm excited to meet my new companion and continue working in this area!

So we had a crazy week. We had one day full of service. We've done service for this lady before...she's the nonmember who is moving and we are helping her pack up her house! It was really cool because this week, we were talking all about our church. Last time we were with her, I told her she needs to take the lessons from the missionaries in her area. So I was asking her if she started the lessons...unfortunately she hasn't because she's been so busy! But she says "but what would it cost me to get one of these books...the Book of Mormon?" all the missionaries in the car just looked at each other with a grin and we pulled one out of our bag. Just like magic. She had a book in her hand 5 seconds later! It was funny. She's like "Woah! That was easier than I thought!" She's a super cute lady and asked us all to write our testimonies and a message in the front so she will always remember us. I'm excited for her to start reading! 

We also had a day full of meetings. More than half the mission got together for this meeting! It was the last big get together before President Anderson leaves. We get a new mission president in just a couple weeks! It was a really good meeting though. It was long...but good. We talked a lot about eternal families and how we need to stand up for the family unit because it is under attack! It made me so very grateful for my family and the knowledge I have that I can be with them FOREVER! It makes me very happy and I love love love to share that knowledge with others out here. Most people here are very family oriented, so they love to hear that they can be together forever. We also had another day with another many meetings up in here! But they are always good meetings. I learned a lot and find ways that I can improve my skills as a missionary.

Oh! something exciting happened this week. We found a new investigator! So we've recently moved quite a bit.  But we were in the old neighborhood that we used to live in, and the people there got to know us quite well since we spent a lot of time walking. They recognized us and they'd usually say hello and ask us why we walk so much. It's fun. But I loved being back down in that neighborhood and everyone was like "hey! where have you been!?" I felt so loved by my old neighbors! But our new investigator, S, also recognized us. She was out trimming her bushes and we stopped and talked for a while. She is so sweet and just adorable! She asked us what made our church different than her Christian church. So we taught her a little then set up a time to come back and teach her more! She seemed really interested, so I'm hoping things go well with her! And she is so nice...when we left she said "I feel bad that you're always walking around with no call me and I'll give you a ride!" What a gem!

We also got to meet briefly with M this week. She's super busy, so it was just a lunch date.  We were able to talk to her about her baptismal date and make sure she's still going good! She's so cute. She told us that the more she reads the Book of Mormon, the less her concerns become. Sometimes she seems a little apprehensive about her baptism, but I can tell she has the faith. I just hope it all works out! Her date is coming up quite soon.

So yeah. Things are going great. I absolutely love being a missionary! Some days are hard, but once I get going and start teaching people about the love God has for them....nothing else matters. I am so happy to be here and doing what I'm doing. Enjoy the hot hot summer!
Love you all!

Sister Hoer

We got new clothes


S'mores~ We live with this wonderful family!

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