Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This week was so crazy! We had a really long zone conference on Wednesday, then on Thursday morning we headed down to the Springs for a few days! In our mission, when you hit your halfway point, you get to go on the "Temple Jubilee". All the halfway missionaries meet at the mission home and they get to go to the temple! Then they spend the night at the mission home and head back the next morning. So my companion has hit her halfway point and we went to the springs for the jubilee. I didn't go to the temple with her...I was on exchanges with another cute sister down in Colorado Springs for the day. We tracked a neighborhood that was completely burned to the ground 2 years ago in the Mountain Shadows fire. It was interesting to talk to some of these people whose homes are now rebuilt, but they all talked about how they turned to God when they lost their home. The sister I was with is so funny. She is from Samoa! She has a baby doll that she literally treats as a live baby. Before we went to bed, she gave the baby a bath with soap and water, then wrapped it in a blanket and kissed it goodnight....I just sat on my bed and laughed! She is hilarious. But don't worry, she was laughing with me :)

Friday we also spent in the Springs because a former investigator of Sis. Koval was getting baptized! So we got permission to stay in the springs until the baptism. It was neat to see more of my mission and meet lots of new people. But, I really like parker. It felt so good to be back "home" on Saturday morning. We made it back just in time for the baptism of an adorable 8 year old in our ward. We have grown really close to this family. After the baptism they had a BBQ at the park and played games. We joined them for that and visited with lots of our ward members. Then it was back to work in Parker! We have been doing a lot of family mission plans with the active members in our ward to get them motivated and help them be the best member missionaries they can be.

So due to our crazy week, we were not able to visit with M, but we have an appointment with her this Saturday after her finals are over! I am excited to meet with her again. We also were not able to get with the S family either. There was so much going on! But this week, we are really gonna focus on them.

Yesterday was fast Sunday, right? Yes. So I was fasting for someone to be put in our path that has really been prepared for the gospel. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged because we don't see the same success as other missionaries, but NO EFFORT IS WASTED. We still do our best and help others as much as we can. Anywho, so I was fasting for a miracle. Last night as we were planning, T (the lady who we have taught in the past with the 4 kids) texted us and asked us if we could go to lunch this week!! She has been out of town, so we haven't seen her for a while. But then, she goes " I need you to teach me about the Book of Mormon while we are at lunch. I've had some interesting things happen to me since I last saw you" .....woah. Answer to my prayers? I think yes. She is seriously so prepared. I've thought that since the time I met her, but she has recently been showing a deeper interest. I am excited to have lunch with her and talk about the Book of Mormon with her! She is so great. This was just such a testimony builder to me that the Lord hears and answers every single one of our prayers.
The work is really picking up in  our area! And time is just passing by way too quickly. This transfer is almost over and then it's on to the next! I'm hoping I'll stay in this area, but I'll go where the Lord wants me to go.

This church is so true. The gospel is true. I know with no doubts that Jesus Christ lives and loves every single one of us! This knowledge just makes me so happy. Even when life goes wrong, I can smile because I have the true gospel. Love you all!!! And enjoy the summer!


Sister Hoer

My zone at zone conference

Sister Fauates~Splits in Colorado Springs

Cutest Little 5 year old boy ever and his dog Sadie

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