Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Christmas spirit has sprinkled all over Canon City!

The Christmas spirit has sprinkled all over Canon City! I think this is going to be the best Christmas of my whole life. There is nothing that could be better...we spend all day, everyday helping people and finding those who are seeking Jesus Christ. With the big "He is the Gift" initiative, we've been able to talk and teach a lot more people than we have any other time of year! In such a religious community, people LOVE to talk about Christ. And especially when we talk about how Christ is the real meaning of Christmas. 

I've been praying real hard that Heavenly Father would place people in our path who are searching....who's hearts are prepared. And boy, oh boy it's amazing what God can do. Without a doubt, He's answered my prayers. People have literally been placed in our path. I'll share one companion and I were walking to see our investigator because we were right by her house. Turns out she wasn't home, so we just kept walking. I chose an odd route that I've never walked before. So we turned a corner and I saw a man walking towards us. He was rather rugged looking and honestly I was afraid at first. But, he walked by us, we smiled and said hello, then the spirit told me "DUH! Talk to him! He's been placed in your path!" So I turned around and asked him if he was celebrating Christmas this year. We shared the He is the Gift pass along card with him and we ended up having an awesome gospel conversation. We taught him all about the Book of Mormon. He told us he's been visiting a lot of churches trying to find the one that feels right for him. After we gave him the Book of Mormon, we asked if we could come to his home and teach him more. He said "yeah, I'm gonna go home and read this. Will you come back later today?" God is real! The end of this story takes a twist because we actually had a full afternoon, so we didn't have time to go back. But, thank goodness we share a ward with elders! So we called them and sent them over to his house. It's better that they teach him anyway because he's a single man living with 4 other men....but the elders went and had a great lesson with him! They are going back to teach him again tomorrow. It was just so cool to see how Heavenly Father literally places people in our path. 

It's been a wonderful week. Everyone is just so happy and grateful for what they have this time of year! It's the best time to be a missionary. I can't wait to see what else Heavenly Father has in store for us! I hope you're all spreading the Christmas cheer as well. Take advantage of this opportunity! 
I love you all. Merry Christmas! 


Sister Hoer

Tacky Christmas sweaters.

Our district in our Christmas sweaters.

We did a lot of service this week on a farm...  Yeee Haw!
We got a Big Christmas Tree!

We butchered this chicken to eat for Christmas Eve dinner. I was crying and laughing at the same time.  I am a real farm girl now...  maybe!

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