Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I am no longer a newbee!

Where does the time go? This week was all a blur. I'm not sure what happened. LOL JK. We did a lot of service this week!!!! There is a food bank here in Parker that we go to every Tuesday and help organize the food and clean. They love the missionaries. Last week, they had a lady there observing the operation and she was just raving about how much help all the LDS missionaries are. There are about 6-8 missionaries helping when we go. 

We also went on exchanges this week! So I was in a different area, but I got to go back to that horse ranch! And tell more secrets to my horses. This time we did more work with the clients than the real horses. But it was still great. I was officially "initiated" into the ranch this time. AKA I got to scoop loads of horse poop. That wasn't so enjoyable. And then at the end of the week, our ward had an AWESOME service project. We helped a lot with the planning and organizing, so I was very pleased with the result. We were really nervous that not a lot of people would come, but we had about 100 people show up! We picked 4 families in the ward who needed help and fellowship and a loving hand, and we split up to do service for them. All the projects were yard work related stuff. It was such a neat sight to go around and see everyone working so hard with such great smiles on their faces! This ward is really amazing. They show so much love and support to everyone! Yesterday was fast sunday and there was a really neat spirit in the meeting as many of them mentioned how touched they were by both the opportunity to serve and to be served. I can tell it really unified our ward.

This week is transfers! This Wednesday I will get a new companion. I am staying in this area which will be great. I have established some good relationships that I am excited to keep working with. I have never met my new companion before, so this will be exciting! It's also a little sad because some of my favorite missionaries are leaving our district. I am also super bummed because my trainer is leaving! She was the best ever. It's gonna be hard for anyone to be as great as her. These are they types of relationships that will last much longer than my mission! But I'm excited for the changes and to keep going with the missionary work!

So the weather this week was crazy. All week it was SO windy! It probably would've been a hurricane if there was any water around here, just kidding. But really, the wind was nuts. and I think the wind affected everyone and threw them off balance because all of our appointments this week fell through! We had such a solid week planned with lots of appointments. I'm pretty sure every single one of them cancelled. But what can you do? Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward! SO even though that was disappointing, we moved on. We will reschedule with them so hopefully things go better this next week.

Anyways, things are great here in Colorado! I am officially done with training! And I am no longer a "new missionary". That's exciting. I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now...I survived training! But I've got a lot more in store for me. I know there is a definite reason why I am here in Colorado and it's fun to see the Lord's hand working through us every day. The church is so great. And there are exciting things happening!

Love you all. Have a great week!


Sister Hoer

Colorado Sunset

Balloons at District Meeting

I'm gonna miss Sister Merritt

Sushi Crew

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