Saturday, April 19, 2014

So all my life I've wondered why paper snowflakes are so pretty and real snow is just a bunch of wet slush.

April 14, 2014

So sunny & warm...

Then Winter Wonderland~ not to mention 19 degrees!

So all my life I've wondered why paper snowflakes are so pretty and real snow is just a bunch of wet slush. I spent all my kindergarten years cutting them out and I just had the most incredible discovery. Real snow is actually shaped like those snow flakes! I have never seen snow that really looks like snowflakes!! I saw them on the window of our car and they are tiny little miracles. They are so pretty!!!! I told my discovery to a lady in our ward and she just laughed. Apparently you can see the crisp shape of the snowflake when it's cold enough. So yeah, we got dumped on. It snowed like crazy yesterday! And it's APRIL. I'm not too sure how I feel about this....

But the good thing is I've got some winter chub on me now to keep me warm because the members feed us like crazy! Yesterday we had 3 dinners. #spoiledstateside We were excited because it was fast sunday and who doesn't want 3 dinners on fast sunday! But I was so full. I had to tap out at our 3rd dinner appointment. The ward is too good to us.

This week was a good one. Word must have gotten around that missionaries are the free paint squad. We have been painting houses like nobody's business! I'm ready to tackle any wall. But really. we love doing service! Especially when it's crazy cold outside. We get to stay indoors and paint. And help out the members. I have really grown to love service. I truly feel so much happier when we get lots of service in for the week. It makes our week so much better!

Although we did get some great service in this week, it was rather slow. We didn't get around to seeing any of our potentials. One of them invited us to a relief society get together which was really cool! We were super stoked because she's our nonmember inviting us to relief society..LOL. But then that morning she texted us and said she couldn't go anymore. She's had a lot of family in town so it's been hard to get with her. She's still super great though. Our other guy works a lot so we haven't caught him at home this week. But I'm praying this week will move smoother! We've also been working with the members to do Family Mission Plans to help every member be a missionary. I am excited about this. We have a great ward, and I know that with our help...we can convert all of Parker! I'm kidding. But really. We're about to tackle this. The work is hastening, my friends!

It's so great to have this opportunity to spend all my time focusing on the gospel. I love to do my studies and learn so much and then use that knowledge to share with others! Today I read a great verse in Ether chapter 6 verse 8! (mom I think that's it...I might have switched it. but check it out for me.) So the brother of Jared and all the people are traveling through the sea and the Lord tells them that He will send forth all the winds. I had the thought that their journey across the sea is like our journey through life. The Lord send winds to direct them to the promised land, but he also told them he will bring them up out of the depths of the sea. Just like our time here on earth, we will be tossed around by the 'winds' and trials that come with life. But they are only directing us towards the 'promised land' or back to our Heavenly Father. And He is there every step of the way to bring us up when we are drowning. There are so many gems in the Book of Mormon! I love it!!!!! and I love life!!!!
Sister Hoer

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