Monday, February 3, 2014


            I still can't believe I AM A MISSIONARY!!!!
 The MTC is great. The first day and a half we had so much information thrown at us. 
They shoved this information down our throats almost as fast as Luc and Jacob
 shove bagel bites down their throats. But I feel like I kinda have the hang of things now.
 P day is saturday and thank goodness for that! It's nice to have some time to breathe today. 
So  on our first night, I was feeling rather grubby so I went to take a shower. 
First was like the Motab was in the shower room. A whole medley of 
hymns sung by sisters in the showers. It was cracking me up! Especially 
when two sisters next to eachother would start singing the same song and 
then start harmonizing! Like what?! I have never had such a spiritually 
uplifting shower. So everything is going great, and then one of the sisters 
in my room comes in calling for me..."Sister Hoer! Sister Hoer! Did you 
bring your room key??" Yeah. We were all locked out of our room on the 
first night. We all went to shower and get ready for bed, but none of us 
brought our keys! Go figure. But I laughed so hard. Seriously EVERYTHING 
becomes funny when you're a missionary. The silliest little things will be 
hilarious to me! The other day our teacher said we would have about 30 
minutes left as he looked at his wrist..but he wasn't wearing a watch. I 
was laughing SO hard! He had to ask me if I was okay. I was a little 
embarrassed. But it was great. The littlest things will make us all laugh so hard. 

           So I am in a trio companionship. My companions are awesome!!!
We have grown so close together and it has only been 3 days. I am
already sad to leave them! It's amazing how much you love people here.
I absolutely love my district and I feel like it is a Christlike love.
We taught our first investigators yesterday and it was crazy how much
 love I felt for them after meeting them for the first time. I really felt
 the love that Heavenly Father has for them and I wanted to do
all I could to help them recognize that love. I'll be honest, our first
lesson wasn't the best thing in the world...but it wasn't bad either!
That's why I'm here get better!

         I have had a blast seeing all my friends here! My companions
call me Sister Social Butterfly because they are convinced I know
everyone in the MTC. I feel bad because they have to wait while I say
hi to my friends. I saw Sister Schiess!!! That was the happiest moment
of my day. An don't worry, I passed on all the hellos. I've seen Elder Bryan,
Elder Swainston, Elder India, Elder Willes, Elder Dethloff...half my
mission prep class and SO many kids from Helamen halls. There are
also a few missionaries from my YSA ward in Provo. Oh and
Brother Logan Bryan is one of the MTC teachers in our zone!
He actually taught us yesterday. He said he has a hard time
calling me sister Hoer. It's been so fun!

        So gym time is my favorite. Maybe not my most favorite, 
but it keeps me sane. I have so much fun playing around and taking
 a break from all the studying. Last night was the best gym time. 
They have records for the MTC gym (fastest mile, most push ups, 
longest wall sit, most free throws, etc.) So I noticed that not all the 
records were set for the sisters! I was talking with the gym manager
 guy and told him I would make my dad so proud if I set an MTC record. 
So he told me what I had to beat and I was determined! So out of all 
the categories I decided I was probably best at a wall sit. I had to beat 3:32.
 It sounded impossible but I DID IT! I now hold the record in the MTC 
for the longest wall sit. 4:10 ladies and gentlemen. I even beat the 
Elder's wall sit time! So dad, be proud. The guy timing me wouldn't 
tell me my time and I was so determined to beat it, so thanks to him
 and my muscular thighs, I am a champion. Hhaha I'm joking. But I really 
had a lot of fun and I am excited to see my name on the wall.
 I am learning SO much. I feel like I've grown and matured a couple
 years at least. The spirit here is amazing. I love walking around and
 seeing so many missionaries! I have had some very tender 
moments with my Heavenly Father and I am determined to do 
all I can to please him. After doing a wall sit for 4:10 yesterday,
 I KNOW I can do hard things! haha! But seriously, I've been 
praying harder and listening to the spirit more intently than I ever 
have before. It's amazing. I probably have a million things
 I forgot to tell you, but naturally that happens. I'll think of more 
things to tell you next week! I love you all and hope you're doing great.

 Sister Hoer

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