Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Going home next week~Thanks for your love and support! Y'all are great!!!

What a week! I literally cannot believe how fast time has gone by. But this has been great. This morning, I pulled out my journal from the very beginning of my mission and I took a little walk down memory lane. That was a precious moment. As I read my thoughts and worries from 18 months ago.... it's amazing to see that all my goals and hopes for my mission have come to be true. The coolest thing was to read about little me and see just how much I truly have changed. That's what it's all about. When Elder Holland visited our mission, he told us "You are God's investigators. As missionaries, you are literally His investigators" He continued to tell us that we need to keep commitments, and learn and grow just as we want our investigators to keep their commitments, and learn, and grow. And if we do that throughout the course of our missions, our lives will change just like our investigator's lives change. It made me so grateful for the miracle my mission has been in my life. I will literally never be the same! And my life will forever be different because I've served a mission!

So this week was crazy. R was at girl's camp all week so we didn't see her until this weekend! She had some great spiritual experiences at girl's camp. So that was really good for her! We took her to a baptism on Saturday night and she kept saying "I can't wait until that's me in the water!" She's so cute! We are still working on getting that permission from her mom. .R's mom went out of town this weekend, so we couldn't go see her! But in the next day or two, we will go see her and we've fasted and prayed so hard! We are confident the Lord will work this miracle for us.

It's just been a super busy week. The Lord sure is keeping me busy so I can stay focused on the work! But I am LOVING that. I've prayed to stay busy these last few days. It's just a little surreal. But like I said, it's all about change! And we can't stay on our missions forever. As amazing as that would be, there comes a time that we need to go out and apply everything we've learned. 

Thanks for your love and support! Y'all are great!!! Love you!


Sister Hoer

I am a pro cotton candy maker now! Check it out!

We did service at a community fair making snow cones, cotton candy and pop corn, fun fun!

Planning on our back deck, Colorado is so good to us!

Walking and it so was SO hot so we stopped by the lake to dip our feet in to cool off.

First of the goodbyes~goodbyes are no fun.

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